Tallriken is a unique, plate-shaped location surrounded by tall, beautiful trees right in the heart of Malmö and it has truly become a distinctive feature of Big Slap. Just like earlier Big Slap events, each artist will be assigned a specific set-time for their performance. Tallriken with its round shape will be subdivided into different areas: the stage for the artists will be located centrally at the northern entrance in order to provide all guests with the best possible view. To the right side of the stage, there will be a VIP-section which is furthermore split into two additional parts- cabanas and standing areas.
At the southern entrance, a bar and restaurant area will be built. Our objective is to exceed the expectations of every single guest by offering an experience far beyond the ordinary in a unique environment with many seats, a diverse food menu combined with an extraordinary production in the shape of outstanding sound, light visuals, CO2, confetti, pyro techniques, enormous LED-walls and many more- this list could be continued indefinitely. On the days of the festival, every single square meter (17 400m2) is going to be utilized. The entire festival site will be fenced, and a valid ticket is required to gain entrance.

Launching a highly innovative and cost extensive marketing campaign several months before the actual festival, entices 15 000 people to attend Big Slap in the end. Based on our experience from previous years, we can know for certain that Big Slap attracts a target group of people comprised of a broad age range. Common visitors to the festival range from the joyful 18-year-old which parties right in front of the stage, to the 55-year old company manager in the cabana and VIP area.
In 2018, we expanded Big Slap by a business lounge area dedicated to entrepreneurs to meet and network, and to invite their customers for the day of the festival (more information below). Vests with clublogos, T-shirts and other clothing items with visible text or symbols, which might cause discomfort to our guests or offense them, are not permitted in the entire festival area.
Finally, it is both the festival organizers’ and the security guards’ decision to determine whether text or symbols may be considered to be offensive or to cause discomfort. Any violations against these regulations can lead to denial to access the festival area.

Friday& Saturday


Access to the entire area except VIP and Business Lounge. More info in the FAQ


One Day Ticket

2 Day Ticket

Friday& Saturday


Access to Vip (not cabana). Own bars and raised platform. More info in the FAQ

One Day Ticket

2 Day Ticket

Friday& Saturday

Business Lounge

Invite the company, staff and large customers to an unforgettable experience in an exclusive environment. We have taken note of the business community’s desire to combine business opportunities and networking with a vibrant international club scene.

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Wat is the difference between GA and VIP ticket?

The GA (standard) ticket gives you access to the entire festival grass area where you can find all our food and beverage stands. On the green area you will also find all of our sponsors’ surfaces that offer various activities and competitions. And of course, it is here you will come closest to the scene for the best experience.

VIP has its own raised section in the best sun position and with a free view over the entire stage. With its own bars, real toilets and its own Fast Track entrance , VIP access is something for you that want the best. At the VIP section we also offer the possibility to book a table with accompanying drinks package for you and your party. With VIP, of course, you also have access down to the grass area.

Is it possible to pay with cash?

No, Big Slap is a cash-free festival.

What age restrictions apply?

We follow the Swedish Alcohol Act which means that 18 years is the age limit to access the festival area. In the VIP section, the age limit is 20 years.

Will there be any tickets released for underaged/ younger visitors?

No, the will be no tickets for underaged/ younger visitors.

Is it possible to attend the festival with an adult guardian?

No, this is unfortunately not possible. The age restrictions 18 and 20 are valid at all times.

What not to bring?

It is forbidden to bring your own food and drinks, umbrellas, camping chairs, stools, fireworks, selfie sticks, film cameras, system cameras, glass bottles and objects that can harm others.

How many VIP areas will there be?

There is one VIP area. VIP East is located on the left side of the stage.

Are the tickets personal?

No, you can buy for others or give away, but a ticket only applies to one person.

Where can I buy tickets?

We use and we do not have anything to do with the secondary market. Tickets can be purchased further down on this page or on

I it allowed to bring own food and drinks to the festival site?

No, neither food nor drinks may be brought into the area. Both food and drinks are can be purchased inside the area.

Is there a difference between standard A and B entrance?

We have divided the guests in order to ensure a smooth entry to the festival area. Once inside the standard festival area is the same.

If I have a VIP-ticket, do I have access to the same area as the standard tickets?

Yes, if you have purchased a VIP-ticket you can move freely on the entire festival site, except for the Cabana an Business Lounge area.

Opening hours:

Friday: 15.00 – 00.00
Saturday: 12.00 – 00.00

Is there going to be an official afterparty?

Yes, more information will be released via our facebook and Instagram side.


Invite companies, staff and main customers to an unforgettable experience in an exclusive environment.
More info
We are taking the business community’s desire into account to combine business opportunity and networking with a vibrant, international scene.

For this purpose, we created Business Lounge at Big Slap’s prime location offering you the best view over the entire scene as well as the audience. This is where you will take part in this year’s biggest celebration in a pleasant and welcoming surrounding while at the same time establishing new contacts and generating new business opportunities.

Opportunities for exposure

Take advantage of the opportunities existing on the festival site to generate exposure and visibility to your company’s brand.

Exclusive section

This particular section on the festival site is entirely dedicated for networking and business opportunities.